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  1. [AG] Kervin Pastrami (RIP X)

    Application Format and Information

    BEFORE APPLYING PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL OF THIS AND ENSURE YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS AND ARE AWARE OF THE RULES. FAILURE TO FOLLOW AND MEET THE REQUIREMENTS WILL RESULT IN A DENIAL OF YOUR APPLICATION. Requirements: •Must have at least 400 hours on Garry's Mod. This is to show that the applicant is familiar with the game. •The more warns you have, the less likely you are to get accepted. We prefer applicants to have no more than 5 warnings. However, this is a case by case basis. •You must be able to speak good English and have relatively good grammar. •If you don't have experience in ULX, Serverguard or NutScript, please take some time and try and familiarize yourself with them all. This can be watching a youtube video, just ensure you have SOME experience. •You cannot be staff elsewhere when applying. If you wish to apply and are staff elsewhere, please resign from your position to have a chance. •We require staff applicants to be at least 14. Exceptions can be made. This is to show that you are somewhat mature. •You must be active on the server, Discord, and Forums and this must be recognized by staff. Rules: •Try to put as much detail into your application as possible, go into detail on every question. •If your application is denied, please wait a further 2 weeks before reapplying and take into account the reasons/feedback given. •DO NOT ask anyone to review your application, whether it be a friend or staff. Doing so will result in an immediate denial. •Make your application look somewhat neat and professional. •Plagiarism is not accepted. Your application must be your own, do not copy it from anywhere. Doing so will result in a denial from staff and a ban from ever applying for staff again. •Don't ask for help with your application. It's your application, not theirs. After reading all this, go here and copy the template, create a new thread and fill out the answers. Below is the staff application template. Please ensure you have acknowledged everything here. Failure to comply with any of these will result in an instant denial of your application. Ingame name: What is your age? Steam ID (32): Do you have access to a microphone?: How long have you been in our community?: How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod and our server?: How many warns do you have on our server?: Where are you geographically located? (Country): What is your timezone?: You see a staff member who has a higher rank than you severely abusing his powers, what actions would you take?: Have you ever received a VAC ban on any game on any steam accounts? (Be honest please, we appreciate honesty as it's a trait all staff should have.): Do you have any previous experience with moderating Garry's Mod servers? E.g use of ULX/Nutscript/Serverguard or staffing other servers: What can you bring to the staff team that we don't already have?: Why do you want to be apart of the staff team?: Why should we accept you? (150 words): - Copy and paste the template into a new thread and fill it out. From there the staff team and staff manager will review your application and leave feedback over a period of one week. Then, the staff manager will make a decision on whether to accept your application or not.
  2. [AG] Kervin Pastrami (RIP X)

    Mafia Server Rules

  3. [AG] Kervin Pastrami (RIP X)

    PK appeal format

    Steam Name: Steam ID: IC Name: When were you PKed?: ------------------------------------------------ Describe the situation: Why should you be unpked?: Other information, vouches, screenshots: YOU MUST USE THIS, IF THIS IS NOT USED YOUR APPEAL WILL BE DENIED AUTOMATICALLY.
  4. [AG] Kervin Pastrami (RIP X)

    Wolfenstein Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Steam ID: Reason for being banned: How long were you banned for?: Any previous warns, kicks/bans must be mentioned here: The name of the staff member who banned you: Why do you believe your ban should be lifted?: Any additional screenshots or comments?:
  5. [AG] Kervin Pastrami (RIP X)

    Staff Abuse Report Format

    Your Information: Steam Name: Steam ID: IC Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information: What is the name of the staff member that you are reporting?: What is the Steam ID of the staff member you are reporting?: Rank of the staff member you are reporting: What did the Staff member do?: Any vouches, or witnesses? List their Steam names here: Any screenshots to further prove your report: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. [AG] Kervin Pastrami (RIP X)

    Artemis Gaming Community Admin Rules/Guidelines

    The rules and guidelines can be found in the google doc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IkPd-y24O8AE7Mk-kqjwE15rpBC1wI3jdrAXvKgRZN0/edit?usp=sharing
  7. [AG] Kervin Pastrami (RIP X)

    Embedding a YouTube Video

    Been always looking out for the bois
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    Did you just breathe? *PKed*
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    Man speaks truth, big shaq.
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    H. Lecter

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    Hi, I'm Unquieterpig

    I don't care, you are gay.