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  1. [AG] Kervin Pastrami

    Official Discords

    Artemis Gaming Hub: https://discord.gg/zgqD6nv Artemis Gaming Official Reich Discord: https://discord.gg/YAfyy3H Artemis Gaming Pacific States Discord: https://discord.gg/WNFSTSZ
  2. [AG] Kervin Pastrami

    MITHC Staff Application Format

    Basic Information Steam Name: SteamID: Can you use perfect, to near-perfect grammar non-stop IC as well as OOC?: How long have you been playing on Artemis Gaming?: Briefly discuss your experience with roleplay overall: List past experience and previous staff positions held: List staff sponsors. (Sponsors will be asked to verify): Specify the staff rank you are applying for: Do you understand you are subject to strict surveillance and heavy regulations as a staff on Artemis Gaming?: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Further Information Please state your previous formal citations and OOC punishments on the server: What is the staff's role within the server?(5-7 Sentences): Explain how you would react in the following scenarios as a staff member. Be realistic: 1.) You are asked by a new player about donations and how to further support the server: 2.) You are asked how special character applications work: Please provide a 1-3 paragraph explanation about why you should be staff, why you deserve it more than other applicants, and why you think it is worth anyone’s time to tolerate reading your application in the first place: Do you understand that you can be demoted at any time, for any reason supplied by a senior staff member?: MAKE SURE YOU POST THIS IN THE STAFF APPLICATION SECTION!! (DELETE THIS UPON POSTING).